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General Information:

Welcome to the Alpha Alpha Epsilon chapter of Alpha Phi Omega!!  We are located at the College of Charleston, in Charleston, SC.  Alpha Phi Omega is a national Co-Ed Service Fraternity based on the principles of leadership , friendship, and service. The fraternity was founded in 1925 on the basis of the scouth oath and has grown to include about 700 chapters.

AAE was chartered on April 26, 1980. The chapter has a strong standing with many local organizations and with the College itself. Alpha Phi Omega has a long and standing tradition of excellence. There is a strong spirit of service and of excellence. Alpha Phi Omega depends on the strength of the active chapters to survive and the individuals in the chapters.

Dear Brothers,
 I apologize for taking so long to getting this site up and running.  I kept running into many different barriers.  I finally did it!!!  I know it isn't perfect, yet...I will get it there.  This page is meant not only to spread the name of the fraternity, but also to inform everyone of upcoming events.  Please check back on a regular basis!  Thanks for everyone's patience.  If you notice anything worng with the site please let me know ASAP!!

In L,F,S,
Marisa M. Spicer

P.S. To my pledges...ya'll are doing an awesome job this semester, I couldn't have asked for a better group of people to help introduce to this wonderful organization:)

We've had visitors in Leadership, Friendship, and Service

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